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Pre School Adventures in Music provides programs for young children that get them moving, using their voices and growing their musical selves. But that's not all.........

Let CPA, Inc. come to your early childhood education center to show you what we have to offer with a

Free Pre School Adventures in Music Class!

Let us create a custom program that fits the needs of your school.

Through these experiences, young children not only learn musical skills but they learn how to identify emotions and how those emotions can sound and feel. Our programs are designed to help young participants to do the following:


  • Develop movement and coordination skills

  • Enhance early language and communication skills

  • Help develop visual and auditory processing skills

  • Strengthen cognitive and memory skills

  • Heighten listening and comprehension

  • Encourage positive social interaction

  • Build confidence and self awareness

  • Encourage self expression


Children in our programs grow their auditory and verbal language skills through rhythm games,
rhymes, and stories.  The children learn ways to express themselves - to think about how they are feeling and how those feelings might move or what they might sound like. 

Music speaks to a part of each of us that isn’t always spoken about and by bringing attention to and honoring that part of these children, they have a strong foundation from which to build their life experiences from.
Through music, children can begin to form their own identity and broaden their horizons at an early age through playful engagement in artful activities.
Our goal is to enrich the lives of your children through music. 

Teacher Guenevere has been passionate about music education and performance since childhood.  


For over a decade, Guenevere taught elementary and early childhood general music and has thoughtfully created Pre School Adventures in Music programs to fit the needs of your children.

Guenevere takes pride in honoring the spirit of children through music exploration

and is excited to come make music with your students!

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