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Founded in early 2015, Calabrese Performing Arts was created in order to offer a space for creativity to flourish.  CPA was founded on the belief that everyone should have a space for the arts in their lives. 

The Calabrese Sisters (as they are known on stage) - Becca & Guenevere - created CPA when they noticed the lack of abundant and varying arts education in Kennett Square, PA. 


Becca & Guenevere's parents instilled a love for the arts -- music in particular -- and helped their passion for it soar with various opportunities to explore. They do the same for their children. CPA is our chance to help do that for you. We'll help nurture your passion through our various programs, classes, and much more!

We carefully curate programs that fit the needs of everyone, no matter their skill level...


CPA strives to offer various artistic opportunities for everyone, without turning anyone away, while nurturing a safe environment where everyone feels free to explore their talents without judgement or pressure to perform. 

With different programs in the works, we will work with you to find what it is you're truly passionate about, whether that be acting, vocal performance, dance or instrumental performance. 

More programs are coming in the near future, so stay tuned.

As always, you can email us any inquiries at


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